Harvest Master Installation

1) Lay all four sides on the ground. Put a 2×4 underneath all the sides to keep the tabs off the ground

2) Line up the holes in the corners (notice welding on top to match corners correctly). Use 2 5/16 bolts and finger tight.

3) Install rods in corner

4) Use rods to connect panels together

5) Install rubber corners with rods

6) Cross braces attach to tabs, 90 degree tab goes on auger side of combine, three sides have the straight tab.  For one cross brace shaft is up/tubing down, second cross brace is the opposite.

7) Drop pins to hold braces

8) Attaching auger to cross braces

9) To install tip tops, place hinge flange on inside lp, take corner tip top, line-up and drop pins in

10) To lift on combine, attach chains to the lift points on center of each panel, make sure weight is distributed evenly before placing on combine.